What is hypnosis? by Carrie Bossinger

When we talk about hypnosis we often tend to be either talking about either:

the relaxed, focused, absorbed feelings associated with being in hypnosis (sometimes called a 'hypnotic state' or 'trance state'), or the interesting things people can do when hypnotized (such as not feeling pain, or experiencing altered sensations or perceptions) – these are often the result of suggestions

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Three Mindfulness Tips for Beginners by Level 7

Have you heard about mindfulness lately? It’s been a popular trend in the last few years—with roots in Buddhism, this meditative practice is all about honing how you pay attention in the world—it helps you be more present and self-aware. It’s been shown to help with many health conditions affected by stress, including depression and anxiety. Here are my three tips for starting to make mindfulness part of your life.

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Living Well through the Law of Being by Level 7

One of my favorite topics to work on with my clients is how to live with to the Law of Being in mind. It’s a great way to get to the heart of changes you’d like to make in your life, and it helps you really tap into your own abilities. Below are my clients’ frequently asked questions that come up when we start including this concept in our coaching sessions. Interested in learning more about how to incorporate the Law of Being in your own life? Contact me for a consultation!

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How to Identify and Move Beyond Limiting Beliefs by Level 7

For centuries, many people believed the world was flat. Nowadays, even small children learn early on that the earth is round. Have you ever wondered what beliefs shape your own world that are actually limiting you?

We all carry around limiting beliefs, beliefs that seem obvious or true—they may even seem helpful for us as protective measures. But the truth is, some of our beliefs can hold us back more than they help push us forward. Common limiting beliefs revolve around our emotions, dreams, and personal relationships; oftentimes, I’ll have a client with a limiting belief like “I can’t tell that person how I feel because they might judge me,” or “I shouldn’t trust this person because other people have misused my trust in the past.” These beliefs seem helpful because they pretend to be common sense, but they often prevent us from approaching things from a positive, healthful perspective based on enabling beliefs rather than limiting ones.

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