I’m Carrie Bossinger, and I’m here to help you GROW! As the founder of Grow Your Set Coaching, every day I get to follow my passion: empowering my clients to grow personally and professionally by choosing and embracing change. Throughout our work together, I will help you unlock your strength and confidence and unleash your own unique inner skill set.

I have always had a strong desire to lift others—as a coach, I get to help my clients find and develop their own tools to lift themselves up. I know from personal experience how important—and difficult—this is! My path to becoming a certified coach began several years ago, when I came to the realization that I wasn’t living authentically. I was allowing myself to be held back, both by others and by my own false and limiting beliefs—I felt completely limited and minimized. I knew that I had the power to change what I didn’t like in my life, and I also wanted to be able to help others make changes in their own lives. I had spent 20 years working in the medical field, and I had five years of experience working as an insurance agent, but I made the decision to pursue my true calling: becoming a personal coach.

During my training—I am a certified professional coach from the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC)—I learned how to reclaim my personal power and energy, as well as how to understand and shed my unhelpful, limiting beliefs. I was able to get back to the real me. I learned that I didn’t have to settle for “good enough,” and neither do you—come GROW with me!

I have been blessed with three sons, and outside of coaching, I'm also passionate about meditation, yoga, riding my motorcycle, and relaxing at the beach. I am also a Reiki Practitioner and Certified Consulting Hypnotist.


Carrie is an exceptional coach! She has helped me to think about things I’ve never allowed myself to think about. She has an energy, confidence, warmth, and positivity to her that I’ve never felt with anyone else. In our first meeting, she listened to every word I said and based off our conversation, gave me a few things to think about and work on. I’ve already made some very positive changes in my life since our first meeting. She has helped me find a confidence and clarity I never thought I even had. I can’t wait for our next meeting!
I’ve known Carrie for over 8 years and I’ve had coaching with her several times during my life journey. Carrie has been such a blessing. She always has a positive attitude and inspires you to do the same. I have always been able to be honest with Carrie and she has never been judgmental. Carrie has a keen way of always making you feel comfortable. She always has an answer, and not just an answer but a plan to help you accomplish anything!